at least i'm not trichotillomanic

Current mood: hungry

i might have sleep apnea and look like a freak in my sleep, but at least i don't eat my own hair.

right. count your BLESSINGS, not your curses.

i always forget that, for some reason...

oh, for the love of all that is holy in the universe, i can't sleep.

that's all.

c-pap or not, i'm totally awake. AND my dvd player is broke, so i'm watching old episodes of aqua teen on my computer. AND i'm starving.


just one of many, MANY sleepless nights...

"dang...it makes me sad that they had to open their toys in front of an ape, and they were all made out of doo-doo. what kind of christmas is that?"

Currently watching : Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Volume Two

Release date: By 20 July, 2004