They have a card for everything.


I saw this on my AnnaB's Tumbler, and I totally stole it. (I love you, my AnnaB!)

You all know how MUCH I hate some drunk bitches. I say it EVERY TIME there's a drunk bitch within a 50-mile radius: "I hate drunk bitches."

Well, now there's a card:

I should probably just print a bunch of these out and start handing them out like business cards.

Not to say that I won't get a few myself. But, I just can't stand a person who doesn't have a drunk-wrangler. I ALWAYS have one.

It's the person (or persons) who wipes you off when you've fallen in an ant bed (Heather) or holds on to your purple panties as you're barfing out the car window, while riding down the interstate (Kristin).

I've had a LOT of not-so-proud moments, and sometimes I don't always FEEL like acting like an adult. But, those really horrific days are so far behind me...and for once, I'm okay with being a grown-up.

Please, people. Control your drunk bitches.