Please help me not give in

I sit here, soaked in baking soda, vinegar and tears. There's never a time in my life that this song hasn't applied. And, six years later, it still brings me down from scrubbing cabinets, to a genuflection of pure sorrow and pain.

Katie Todd

Breathe deep
in light of what is all around you
but don't speak
words are becoming your worst enemy

Seize the day
do you have something you can sink your teeth into
In a stale place
are you able to cry or make a silly face

At the end of the day
you just aren't the same

please don't give in

Are you set in your ways
is there room for change

*please don't give in*


Yeah, I'm fat.

But, I'm still me.

Dreams in blue

I had a lovely dream, that we met here:

I'm such an old-world romantic. I've never taken the time to trace my history, but I can assure you, I came straight from Italy (or Greece, which would make me even happier). That place has called to me ever since I saw my first photograph of of the blue-topped Grecian church in Santorini. I love that city. I'm obsessed with the lushness of Ireland. I love the history of Rome. I have friends in Bosnia. I've always been a world traveler in my heart.

It's been on my mind, ever since moving. Sometimes it depresses me to think I'll never know any other place than this. But, since a comment from a new friend, Agnar (he's a bird - I know what you're thinking - it will never work. The beak, the talons...but, I digress), I've only been able to think of anywhere other than here.

And, Greece, you're so on my mind.