JOB - the abridged version

This is a perfect, brief explanation of what's going on. I should probably just keep blogger open, so that I can keep adding to it. Because there's no end to THIS life:

Yeah, although I'm probably just going to be blindly floating through the whole thing. I'm not all here right now. I just spent the last few minutes, squalling my face off in the apartment office, regaling my harrowing tale of "JOB." And, all the fuck I want to do is have a job and WORK THERE and make money and pay bills and not have my life fall into some shit-filled vortex, causing all this despondency to kick up and make me wonder what the fuck I'm even doing on this earth, except for life to regularly dick me over. Sorry - I'm having a really bad day right now, and I can't even find my freaking printer cable, so I can print the papers to apply for food stamps. Right now, I REALLY hate my life. And the more I move, the more money I spend, and I can't understand why that is...