Prayer / thought list for 7.19.09

Sorry, I know I need to play catch-up on my own life, but more important things are priority.

Prayers & thoughts:
  • My wonderful, darling grandmother - her 86th birthday is July 29. I want her to be around until she's 150!!!!! I LOVE YOU, GRAMMY!!!!
  • My Mommy, although no longer with me, but always a constant in my heart, would have celebrated her 60th birthday on Saturday, July 18th. I love you, Mama. I miss you so much............
  • Dave and his family - his brother Greg passed away Friday, July 17. Family is coping, but this was very unexpected. Dave already lost his other brother a couple of years ago. Plus, he's had a lot on his shoulders for the past several months. He just needs a good support system, as well as God to keep his strength up. There's nothing I can offer you that would be comforting, Dave, except I love you.
  • Mig's and my friend Kristin lost her grandmother this weekend. We love you, sweet girl, and if you need anything from either of us, let us know. Kristin's also having some extraneous stress in her life. I'm praying for the best outcome for you and your family, babe. Although you're in the very new, early part of this journey, and you've got a lot of work ahead of you, everything will work out. We love you, Kristin!
  • Debbie Robinson, very close and wonderful friend of the family - constant prayers go out to her and her mother and father who are in delicate health.
  • My friend, Holly - continued prayers for an easy and healthy pregnancy!
  • One of my very good, very old friends, Larry Davis got married on Saturday, to his long-time sweetheart, Stephanie Machen. It was a beautiful, intimate wedding, and I wish them the absolute best. Remember - being best friends plays a huge part in a successful marriage. I love you, Larry! And, I miss the Davis family - it was SO WONDERFUL to see you all, after all these years!
  • My aunt Amy's oldest daughter, sweet Erica has been experiencing some breathing issues, teaching at soccer camp this weekend, so they're going to have her evaluated. I love you, beautiful girl, and everything is going to be OKAY!!!!
  • Also, Amy has recently discovered some issues with her thyroid, so she has imminent testing in her very near future - I'm saying my prayers for you, that this is all going to be benign, no matter what it turns out to be! (And, yes, I'm praying for no surgery!)
  • My uncle Gordon hasn't been feeling well, but from what I've read he's feeling a good bit better - hey, at least these sick spells aren't as frequent as once before, right? Still, I'm sorry you've been feeling yucky! &=(
  • My cousin Kate and her family are waiting to see if they're going to be approved for a house (in the neighborhood in which I grew up - couldn't have picked a better place, although I haven't been able to revisit, since I moved out eight years ago). Kate, I'm sending super-good prayers and vibes your way - you guys need this, and with God's will, it will go through!
  • A friend from some years ago, Jennifer, needs thoughts and prayers for her aunt's medical problems - I just learned this from Facebook this evening.
  • My Anna-belle has upcoming medical evaluations coming soon, and I'm really praying for good results from all of this!!!! I love you, beautiful girl! (Plus, she's been having some problems with drama - that stuff is useless, girl. We both know that - too bad everyone else doesn't share our same points of view! *frown*)
  • Constant prayers and good thoughts for my friend Terry Smith - post-surgically, she's made leaps and bounds, and continues to be a strong inspiration for me, as well as others. I wish you the absolute best, Terry! Cancer sucks!!!! Here's hoping this is IT! NO MORE! &=)
  • My Migs just found out about her little brother's up and coming nuptuals; they also have a baby on the way - best wishes to them, both!
  • Also, Migs niece Ashley and her husband need special thought - they've been having lots of stress in their lives and need a break. I love you, Ash! You're always on my mind!
  • Sweet Tabatha made it home to her family, from visiting other family in Huntsville - I'm glad you're home safe, sweetheart!
  • My friend, Alan starts a new job tomorrow - good luck, honey!
  • And, my friend Scott seems to be having a little more luck on the prospective job front...yet, he still gets to come visit with me next weekend! YAY!
  • My friend, Cory is still having a really hard time finding a job. He's really been working the pavement and always ends up with a bunch of "maybes," but there's been nothing definite, yet. &=( I'm really, really sorry, Cory. Something will come through eventually...
  • Phil texted me and says he's doing well in school, which I have never doubted.
  • My coworker and friend Mark had knee surgery and is now home, recovering. I hope everything went well, babe, and we can't wait to have you back at work!!! (Although, I know you'll be EXTREMELY THANKFUL for the time off!)
  • I hear from Heather Haynes' FB that the Cropwell Baptist Mission Team is on mission in Cleveland, TN. Praying God keeps you safe and works through you all for the best outcome!
  • Uh, oh! It's almost time for kids to go back to school! I wish everyone's chillins the best in their endeavors - NO TOLERANCE FOR TEASING! Make good grades, you guys!
  • Oh yeah, and me and Jack need some positive juju - we're still having a REALLY, REALLY hard time with this potty-training issue. I'm so frustrated - not with him, more with me. Frowny mom. &=(
  • Lastly, I thank God for such incredible friends (and family!) and the fact we've been able to reconnect and stay better connected with so many old friends through the "magic" of the internet. Fellowship, even through somewhat impersonal channels as FB and MS, will always be necessary. At least we're able to know who needs us, even though sometimes all we can provide are thoughts and prayers from a distance.

As always, if I'm leaving someone out, PLEASE let me know - even if we don't know each other! I enjoy being able to put my thoughts to work, doing something constructive, rather than getting hung up in my own head. I don't care who you are, if you need thoughts and/or prayers, LET ME KNOW! I always have room for more!!!!!!!

I love you guys and adore you all! You all inspire me every, single day! You're ALL wonderful and deserve peace in your lives!

Mahalo and maluhia! (Thank you and peace!)

ps. Thanks for NO ONE telling me I had misspelled "mahalo" - "Malaho?" Really? ARG! Where did I graduate from - Pell City??!?!