Plink You

There's this new thing to combat "blogger's block," called Plinky, and I'm trying really hard to get it to post to my blog, with auto-updates. I got it to work on my Twitter, but not this.

It's making me miffed. Or, it's miffing me.

When was the last time you went 'woo hoo!' and meant it?

The last time I said "woo hoo," and meant it was just yesterday, actually. Chamblee was taking out a femoral nail, and he couldn't get the stubborn endcap off. Volgas scrubbed in and managed to pull it out, and I put my fist in the air and cheered, "WOOHOO!" (yes, I actually said "woohoo")

much updates to happen?...maybe?

Okay, someone remind me to post tonight. Lots of stuff going on.

Plus, I keep meaning to put up pics of Jack. If you're on Myspace or Facebook, I have some pics of him there.

I'm also still trying to find an apartment, but I'm being a little more proactive about it, rather than sitting in the bed.

And, I just drank a Dr. Pepper, and now I feel like vomiting. Dr. Pepper is gross. It's like a burp in a can. (well, why did you drink it? i don't know - i guess i was craving trademarked "Burp in a Can!")

It sucks, because every time I sit down to blog, I forget everything I need to say. I feel like I'm talking to Heather. Every time we get together, we forget all the things we're supposed to be telling each other. Still, we never have a problem talking! &=) That's always nice.

Everyone needs thoughts and prayers, but these people need it extra for a while:

my Grammy
Mindy & Dixie
Eric McBrayer's new baby boy
my good friend, Dina
everyone's job situations
Paul McDonald
John Martin

I think that's it. If I left anyone off (you or a friend), please let me know. I'm going to have to keep a list going, because I keep neglecting people in my thoughts, and it drives me insane.

Okey! Insanity out!