much updates to happen?...maybe?

Okay, someone remind me to post tonight. Lots of stuff going on.

Plus, I keep meaning to put up pics of Jack. If you're on Myspace or Facebook, I have some pics of him there.

I'm also still trying to find an apartment, but I'm being a little more proactive about it, rather than sitting in the bed.

And, I just drank a Dr. Pepper, and now I feel like vomiting. Dr. Pepper is gross. It's like a burp in a can. (well, why did you drink it? i don't know - i guess i was craving trademarked "Burp in a Can!")

It sucks, because every time I sit down to blog, I forget everything I need to say. I feel like I'm talking to Heather. Every time we get together, we forget all the things we're supposed to be telling each other. Still, we never have a problem talking! &=) That's always nice.

Everyone needs thoughts and prayers, but these people need it extra for a while:

my Grammy
Mindy & Dixie
Eric McBrayer's new baby boy
my good friend, Dina
everyone's job situations
Paul McDonald
John Martin

I think that's it. If I left anyone off (you or a friend), please let me know. I'm going to have to keep a list going, because I keep neglecting people in my thoughts, and it drives me insane.

Okey! Insanity out!

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