vampires needed

Guess what? I'm addicted to giving blood!

We're having a drive at the UAB North Pavilion (hint, hint) from July 2-July 6. My appointment is July 6 at 4p, after I get off work. That way I can pass out at the wheel of my car on the way home, as opposed to at work.

I love doing this! Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome this is???

I'm also getting ready to try to enroll myself in a buttload of these UAB studies they offer in the UAB Reporter. In my opinion, the best way to *stop animal testing* (aside from just not doing it) is to offer up thine own self for the sacrifice.

I did the HPV vaccine, back when it was still in its early days, and now my aunt's girls are getting them. To think that I could have been instrumental in their protection or the saving of their lives makes me very proud to do this.

In case anyone was curious, I'm A+...just FYI.
Oh, and I just found out Heather and her whole family are A+, too! How COOL is that?!??!

That makes me smile. &=)

updated update - no reason

Current mood: crushed

Just to update my update, Heather said it's ok to have days where you just can't stop crying, especially when you have reasons to be sad...or not.

Today is my day.

Tomorrow's forecast is about 100% showers, too.

Too bad I can't contribute to the relief of the drought.

S'cuse me - I have to get a new roll of toilet paper. I have to wade through the other two rolls to get more.

*My rebirth is in the very near future*

I have to say, thank God for the friends I have left, no matter how crappily I treat them. I love you guys. Thanks for putting up with me.