vampires needed

Guess what? I'm addicted to giving blood!

We're having a drive at the UAB North Pavilion (hint, hint) from July 2-July 6. My appointment is July 6 at 4p, after I get off work. That way I can pass out at the wheel of my car on the way home, as opposed to at work.

I love doing this! Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome this is???

I'm also getting ready to try to enroll myself in a buttload of these UAB studies they offer in the UAB Reporter. In my opinion, the best way to *stop animal testing* (aside from just not doing it) is to offer up thine own self for the sacrifice.

I did the HPV vaccine, back when it was still in its early days, and now my aunt's girls are getting them. To think that I could have been instrumental in their protection or the saving of their lives makes me very proud to do this.

In case anyone was curious, I'm A+...just FYI.
Oh, and I just found out Heather and her whole family are A+, too! How COOL is that?!??!

That makes me smile. &=)

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