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Well, guessy what?


Hahaha, I love this feeling. I'm wearing "stupid grin plastered across face" face.

So, last night, about 10p, my friend Paul called me to see if I wanted to hang out, because he was about to lose his mind, hanging out at home. I balked (A LOT), because I was actually about to settle in. After not too much of a fight, I agreed and got ready.

We went to Ruby Tuesday to get some food, drinks and sit and talk. Afterwards, we walked across the road and up the hill, with the intention of going to Bailey's, but strangely enough, the doors were closed and locked, and the lights were off. (On a Saturday night? Does anyone know - are they closed for good???) So, back down the hill, and as we're passing Dave's, I look in the window - too many people.

He asks if we try Blue Monkey, since they have comfy couches (and urine-soaked carpet), but when we pull up in the parking lot, it's totally packed, with one available spot. We pull in the spot, walk down the cobblestone, and he says, "nope. Not happening." So, back up the hill to the car.

We ended up over in Lakeview, and he pulled into the first place we passed, Zak's, which USED to be OT's. It was always a grossy, seedy dive, with not a lot of reputable people. Nice to know it really hasn't changed.

Anyway, we walk in, and as Paul pays our ways, I hear a crowd and a band gearing up to play. I almost told him to get his money back, because I wasn't in the mood to hear freaking "Sweet Home Alabama" played by some loser-ass, backwoods garage band. (Actually, I'd be happy if that song had never come into existence.) But, while Paul is paying, I hear the lead singer talk, silence....and then BLAM!!!!! They tore right into the first song. It scared me so bad, I was in the process of crawling over the table, into the man's arms who was taking the money. Nice way to throw yourself at someone, butthead.

Of course, I start the old lady screaming "WTF IS THIS??? WHO IS THIS? WHY ARE THEY PLAYING????"

Well, old ladies probably don't say that, but this old lady did.

So, we walk around the divider and there are about 20 shirtless school kids (ugh, shirtless, sweaty guys - NOT my thing, btw), and two shirtless band members (that's okay, because at least they're not touching anyone). But, the first person who caught my eye was the lead singer - Yummy! &=)

We walked to the bar to get drinks and sit and listen, because there would be no more talking at this point. Actually, we ended up texting and typing back and forth, because my eardrums were in current use. Paul was making fun of me, since I couldn't keep my eyes off the lead singer. It was so weird, though, because he looked and sounded SO MUCH like Serj Tankian from System of a Down (I'm supposed to marry him, btw), whom I idolize, but not in the bad way. More in the 'he's my super-favorite person of my super-favorite band ever' way.

They played what I considered a short set, but it was about 130a or so. Paul convinced me to walk down to the stage with him, although I'm far too frail anymore to mosh - my only regret of getting old. So, I stood there and did "chickenhead," (but not the bad kind) which I hate. *peck* *peck* *peck* *peck*

After it was over, Paul reached up and asked if I could have my picture made with him. I asked about a cd, and while we were waiting to acquire one, we started talking to him about the band. We told him that we totally just walked in on them, because we had nowhere else to go and ended up really, REALLY enjoying the music (and the sites, but I would have totally killed Paul a thousand times over, had he mentioned that). He was SO totally humbled and so thankful that we liked the band. Paul said he said some more things about being a server at a restaurant and stuff like that, but I was too busy gauging my eye movements, and if you think I'm lying, please ask Paul. I was trying to time them, so I wouldn't stare too long, or look too disinterested, or whatever. Man, up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-A-B-A-B-select-start. *groan*

So, dude finally brings a cd, and I said, "um, and you're signing this, right?" He seemed surprised - "Oh! Yeah!," and as he's writing, Paul leans over and says, "And, she's going to be very upset if you don't write your phone number on there."

He stands up and looks at the two of us - me, then Paul, then me, then Paul - and he really looks like he wants to say something...SOMETHING. But, Paul interjects, "Oh, we're just friends. We've been friends for years. We're not together." Dude was like, "Woah, I was wondering what...yeah, okay," and he proceeds to lean over and WRITE HIS PHONE NUMBER ON THE CD!!!!!!!!!!

I totally punched Paul in the arm like, 'don't say that,' but I almost crapped myself WHEN HE DID. I proceeded to then act spazzier than normal - no, actually, I was okay, but I'm sure it was because I had a chaperone, someone to back me up. I asked him his name - Steve - and he asked mine - Jennifer - and he wrote it down on his hand! &=) I don't know what that meant, but it made me happy anyway! Paul took our picture (dude, I'm totally larnin' you how to take a damn photograph), and he got his band packed up to go.

So, in between decent conversation with Paul, I was stroking about 'what about this Steve thing?????' Paul had to deliver to me CRIB NOTES on how to talk to a guy. Incidentally, I have NO beef about talking to anyone - guy or girl - about anything, unless it's someone that I really like. Obviously, I don't know if I like this guy - but in my eyes, he's a <+RAWK STAR+> *jingle jingle* so of course I'm going to have problems with bodily functions and stuff.

I know this is the kind of stuff that never works out for me, but it's absolutely adorable nonetheless. It's a cute story to tell my, er, granddogs one day (?).

So, I'm supposed to wait until Tuesday to call this guy, - Steve - and I'm supposed to make it short and sweet. I'm getting tips, so anything else anyone wants to add, please let me know. Because clearly, I only know how to be myself, and that's retarded. I don't believe in lying, but I also don't want to completely frighten the poor thing. Of course, if you saw him thrashing around up on stage, you'd think not much would scare a guy like that.

Meh, we'll see.

I'll be taking pointers from now until Tuesday at 3p, so any VALUABLE info you'd like to throw at me, go ahead. I've never tried to woo a rock star (from a garage band) before, so this will be interesting and possibly fun...or very, very embarrassing, which is also cool - but then I'll never be able to go out in public again. Oh well - it's win-win for me either way, right?

Yeah...stay tuned to see how THIS turns out. I know I'm planning to.

And, just for Paul - *teehee* (that was all I could say for the rest of the night - he said he was seeing a total different side of me.)

ps. Jack's at puppy school, so I'll update about that a little later! I miss me some Anpan!!!!



Lorza said...

how cool! yippeee! Me personally- WHY wait until tuesday? That is crazy. You obviously want to talk to him, or you wouldn't ask for his number. I personally wouldn't do the whole game playing thing. We hate it when guys do it...so then why should we do it? Just my 1 cent worth. :)

Good luck girlie.

Heather said...

So guys DO intentially wait a set number of days before they a girl back!! I KNEW IT!!!!! Yeah, we totally wouldn't want to think you like us before you ask us out. (well, you girls...you know what I mean)
I know that's not what I'm supposed to take away from your post. It was just a surprise confirmation I wasn't expecting.
As for actual blog post content: ROCKSTARS NEED LOVE TOO!!
**put that on a t-shirt and wear it to the next gig**