This is where I want to start

Can you imagine washing your clothes in this water? Bathing in it? Drinking it?

Think about this next time you purchase a bottle of water, take a drink, then pour the rest down the sink. These people didn't ask for this, and this could just as easily have been you and your family.

No one asks to be put in these situations or born into these poor countries. But, I do believe that based on my status in life, I owe others my help, because I can give it. As much as I whine about money and my health, I'm far better off than these people could probably ever envision.

That's why, when people nag me about raising a family "on the run," - how can I deprive my kids of all the things with which we grew up - I reply that it has everything to do with Western culture and societal ideals. Living in the very privleged, very greedy United States has imbued in us the idea that we are obligated to receive everything and more.

When in fact, we DESERVE nothing.

But we NEED so much.

Nothing that you do anymore comes without a price or some sort of repercussion. For example, you DO know that when you throw trash away, there's really no such thing as "away." But, out of sight, out of mind, right?

Well, the same stands for these people, the less fortunate. Since they're not in your direct line of vision, you seem to forget they exist. But, they don't. Every day is a new struggle, another day of wondering if you and your children will survive.

I'm not saying that everyone should drop what they're doing and travel to other countries to help (although that would be nice). But, there are always ways to help. Invest in an organization, sponsor a child, research an affiliation in whose cause you take to heart, participate in community cleanup, recycle - there are SO MANY THINGS we could do. I've just chosen to step completely outside my area of comfort and take matters into my own hands.

I know I've talked about it for years, but I really feel it closing in. And, I'm glad. I'm ready for a change.

I need a break from my own selfishness, in order to concentrate on the needs of others.

Plus, I think it will be super-fun. &=)


Anonymous said...

it wouldnt take much to clean that infested watering hole out, why do you need to fly a thousand miles to do it for them?

Jimmy said...

Ha! Because I want to! Is that okay with you, that I live my own life? Thanks, because I plan on doing it without anyone's ridiculous and unnecessary "permission!"

Thanks for your "concern," but you worry about your shit, and I'll worry about mine. This blog is for people who want to keep up with what's going on in my life - not for people who want to ask stupid questions about my motives.