Dreams in blue

I had a lovely dream, that we met here:

I'm such an old-world romantic. I've never taken the time to trace my history, but I can assure you, I came straight from Italy (or Greece, which would make me even happier). That place has called to me ever since I saw my first photograph of of the blue-topped Grecian church in Santorini. I love that city. I'm obsessed with the lushness of Ireland. I love the history of Rome. I have friends in Bosnia. I've always been a world traveler in my heart.

It's been on my mind, ever since moving. Sometimes it depresses me to think I'll never know any other place than this. But, since a comment from a new friend, Agnar (he's a bird - I know what you're thinking - it will never work. The beak, the talons...but, I digress), I've only been able to think of anywhere other than here.

And, Greece, you're so on my mind.


Agnar Løvdaas said...

Greece is the word. It's got groove. It's got meaning.
Greece is the time, is the place, is the motion
Greece is the way we are feeling.

Jimmy said...

Haha, *LIKE*
Greece is EXACTLY what I'm feeling right now. Some chianti in hand, bare feet on the Aegean Sea, wind whipping through my hair and all through my linen dress - yup.