Your joint is sticking out

Haha, wow. I was screwing around on my blog settings, and I read where my avg is 3 hits a day.

Which is weird. Because it actually hurt my feelings.

That was weird.

Oh, and the other thing is, I have no idea what this thing looks like on the other side, because none of the settings I make seem to take effect on my side (color, font, eg.). <-that accumulation of dots altogether makes me nervous. Anyone know the correct way for that? Any eggy-heads out there, pleeze advize.

Yes, which narrowly brings me close enough to what I was originally saying (Yep. I forgot.) - I think I'm getting around to picking up my skirts and headed over to Wordpress. I've already signed up - I've just been incredibly distracted (NOT for this post). BUT, the super-favorite thing is that I can have specific posts protected. Plus, blogger has actually become very, um...errrrrr......mmmmMyspace? Yeah. I need a more mature blog.

God, I feel like I just gave you guys a commercial:

WordPress - For the Mature Blogger

I'll have advertisements for Centrum Silver and dating sites for senior citizens.

Okay, right, so I have a little paranoia for getting old. Sue me.

No, seriously, you probably could.

...i don't have anything, though...


ME! said...

Ha ha. I like Wordpress better also. :) For reasons I can't say here....:)

I am glad to see you back on here. Blogging is such good therapy. Just remember that it is about getting the thoughts out of your head, whether or not people read it...Plus I read from my google reader a lot, on my phone. I MEAN to comment when I get to my computer, but forget. Blogger doesn't track Reader freads.

Love you.

Jimmy said...

I know. You're ABSOLUTELY right. This IS for me. I appreciate that people care enough to read and comment, and I always hope that when I'm on point, I make people laugh.
But, it's exactly like you said - it's THERAPY. Because insurance is WAAAAAAY too expensive for someone who doesn't have a job. &=D

Love you! &=)