I was going to say something...

...but I forgot.

I also just like being able to get on dis blag whenever I want, now. &=)

I'm trying to let go.

I'm still holding on to what I want to, though. Some things you just beg will one day relinquish their hold on you, but some things you don't ever want to release.

And, those are the things for which I'm sorry, but I'll still never reveal to anyone. (Well, there's this one girl...that I love with all my heart, who is THE only person who will ever know everything about me, much to her chagrin. Never met a friend like her and never will again.)

Hahaha, I LOVE rambling, when I'm too high. But, I hate reading it later.

Okay, I have to go or I'm just going to keep talking about nothing.




Anonymous said...

It is good to have a heart confidant. There are weights that are meant to be borne with a friend.

Jimmy said...

She is, and I miss her so...

My heart cries for her, and mourns for all the time I took for granted.

I'll never get it back.