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omg, it's been busy today! other than my 15 min at lunch, this has been the first time i've sat down, since 7:15a. it is now 3:05p. my feraking legs are killing me. i actually spelled "freaking" wrong, but i thought i'd leave it like that, just because it sounds good. "feraking".

ok, so i was supposed to update this morning, but i don't KNOW what i was thinking, being that it's friday, and my fridays are always hell. monfared had 17 cases, michael had 5, siegel had 2 (plus one add-on), & sherrill had 1. well, there were actually a whole lot more than that, but those were just the ones that had c-arm schedulled, which is role that i play. out of those 25, i did about 110 of them. no, for real, i think i did about...um, all but 3 of them. and it's STILL going on!

but i'm not on call, and i'm not staying. i always feel BAD though, when they ask me to stay, when i'm not on call. but about 65% of the time, i make plans when i'm not taking call, and you can guaran-damn-tee that they're going to need me to stay, on the ONE DAY i have plans. i just think that's so "occam's razor". wait - no, no - i mean, "murphy's law". well, it's always something that's probably going to get me in trouble, somewhere down the line. i'm that butterfly that flapped it's wings in tanzania, causing the hurricane in maui. i still think i'm to blame for tsunami in indonesia. somehow. hmmmm....

alrightly then, i'm going to go back out here, to make sure they don't need anything for the next 30 min. like that "alrightly"? i should just start leaving my mistakes in here, so you can see how bad of a typer i really am. my mom used to do it to - jesus, she'd hit the backspace key like fifty-hundred thousand times in like a minute. and it would be like a damn machine gun!

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