welcome, foreigners!

huan ying!
mire se vini!
e komo mai!
swaa-gat hai!
selamat datang!
hush kelibsiz!
bem vinda!
cead mile failte!

ok, i just got that new "site meter" thingie (top left of the page), and this thing is TOTALLY cool. at the same time that i was realizing what a nifty piece of techno-goop that thing is, i realized ALSO that people in england & canada are reading what happens to my butt.


sometimes you forget that the internet traverses the world. well, i do anyway. why someone in canada would stumble across my lame-ass site is BEYOND me, but it's probably because they typed the word "pig-tail" into google, and guess where it sends them. yep - me.

anyway, thank you to everyone who stops by, stumbles in, visits, or is somehow shoved onto this space by trying to get away from porn ads. either way, i'm glad you're here. &=)

so, tonight was...great. i had a great night. for once. and i feel...great. and now i'm ravished, because i guess i forgot to eat. and that sucks. i don't know what else to say, except that i feel......relaxed - once again, WITHOUT the aid of drugs or alcohol. i mean, i could use a tall glass of sangria, but just to complete the evening.

let's see - what happened today? *thinks, but not too hard* NOTHING!

omg, i'm friggin about to friggin fall asleep on the friggin keyboard. i gotta make it to the bed somehow. i...am...exhausted......zzzzzzzzzzz

one last thing:

!!!!!!!VIVA LA MEXICO!!!!!!! &=D

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