4x power-up

mood: full


i am sated.

happy? sorta.

content? very.

disappointed? somewhat.

still feeling...cheated, and hmmm...i imagine there's a word for how i feel, but i'm too clouded to find it right now. i'm close to...maybe cloud 7.5? not 9, because that's perfection. it would have been 8, but someone pulled that one out from under me, once i fell from 9. so i'm grasping onto 7, trying not to plummet.

it's funny the way life doesn't work out sometimes, eh?

that's ok. i'm just going to go to the store to get some things and pretend i'm not thinking about it, like i always do. i'm good at that.

damn, i'm high - and i'm not even toked. i could bottle this feeling and become a billionaire.


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