booboo staking her claim on the elusive sleeping shelby

a retarded pic of me

me & my sweet buddy at "gobs of fun"
me & heather at the hp3 movie premiere
waiting for the movie to start!
booboo & her catch
laying on the bed, watching family guy
me, being retarded, taking pics of myself

thanks, gobbliscious!
booboo & jammy smelling thanksgiving dinner!
booboo & that jumpy chicken toy
jammy napping
jammy *sigh* getting in trouble again
jammy biting mommy
jammy & mommy

1 comment:

Nikki said...

Those pictures are so good.

Jammie's face in those pics made me laugh. Jammie is precious!!!

and.. boo boo playing was great. :)

Def. put a smile on my face.