my baby bat

here's my baby bat:

the black things are his poopers.

in this pic, he's got his mouth wide open and is doing that echo-location thing. this was right before i let him go! *sniff*

i went out behind my apartment the other night, around dusk, took him out of his box and held him in my hand. he crawled around for a few seconds, then crawled to the apex of my hand and took off. it was weird, because he didn't feel like he weighed anything at all, and when he took off, it was totally silent! but i saw him fly, and he flew perfectly fine, so at least neither of his wings were broken. if he would have had a broken wing, though, i would have acquired myself a new pet.

and before everyone gets all in an uproar, i'm gonna go to the health dept on monday and GET MY SHOTS. heather's husband, lee, keeps asking if i'm having any aversions to light or water.

and the answer to that would be *HISSSSSSSSSSSS*

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