i almost just gave myself a coronary. of course it was a stupid reason - why would you even wonder that? this sweater that i've been looking for, for almost a year, was finally posted on ebay. i lost that son of a bitch in the last effing second, by a dollar. whoever was on the other side was also bidding, and i thought i had her outbid (by at least a few), but i KNEW i should have gone higher. i just knew it. i would just love to pummel whoever was on ther other side of the computer. omg, the swear words that are going through my head right now...they don't even make the keys so i can type them out.

you know, i haven't been this mad in a long time. and over a piece of clothing. yes, i'm embarrassed. i should be! there's a reason i don't do lots of ebaying. *sigh*


my sweater!


as for what else is happening, nothing. we're kinda dead today. the next few weeks are going to be kinda busy - various happenings and such. my knee surgery is on june 4, and believe it or not, i'm REALLY looking forward to it. i've fallen so many times, due to the pain, i don't even tell anyone anymore. it's just like my knee stops working, and the rest of my body says, "oh, yeah...gravity." i figure i'll be out for a couple of days, then come back on crutches or something. i don't really need to take off that long, especially if i have crutches or a brace or something, i'll be fine. ohhhh, i can't wait! &=) that way, i can start back running. i've been doing lots of stretches and toning exercises (and omg, YES, i feel them), but i don't really see anything happening until i can get back to running.

what else? geez, nothing. i'm still looking for an apartment. i'm hoping for somewhere down 31, between hoover and southside, but closer to southside, or else in southside (close to work). if i can't find anything there, i'm starting to lean towards the outside of town, back towards pell city - even moody/leeds i don't think would be out of the question. i'd prefer to stay close to work, but i don't really even care, as long as it's not rat-, bug-infested.

i've been working on some stalled projects i've had, and i'm proud to say i've actually gotten some work done on them! i've been putting lots of my earlier writings into a binder. i've had to separate them into "good writings" and "things on which i'd never like to dwell again" - needless to say, the latter will be set aflame at my graveside service, if not earlier. there are other things i've been putting into notebooks - magazine articles, recipes and stuff, but i'm running into a wall on what stuff to put into notebooks and which things to scrapbook. which is, er, also on my "to do list." i'm just hesitant to start anything new, since i'm getting ready to move out.

which reminds me - anyone who has any spare boxes, please let me know. and anyone who wants to build me some sturdy bookshelves, for when i get moved in, let me know. hey, just anyone - let me know!

god, i'm bored. and pissed. and hungry. ok, i'm sorry this post is lame. i just had to bitch about my sweater. i'm so mad about that. but i can be mad about it for right now. because i can. i'll be a grown-up later, when events warrant.

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