Ji coming home!

OHHHH!!!!! I'm SOOO excited!!!!

We have a new baby!!!!!!

My aunt Sabrina's sister and husband, Cressie and Grinell are in China right now, finishing up the adoption process with their new baby girl! Her name is Ji Xia Lee Smith, and she is SOOOOO beautiful! They'll be in China until June 3, then they'll fly home to California, but they're supposed to be coming out here this summer to visit!

Here's what Sab said:

Hey Everybody!!
I hope y'all get this email, cause it has the first pictures Cres and Grinell took of the baby Ji!
She is so cute!! Can't wait to meet her myself!
They are in China til the 3rd of June. Then back to California where Greg and I will be there waiting for them to get off the plane.
So exciting!!
Crescent says she is a wonderful baby - takes two naps a day, bed by 8:30 or so and sleeps thru the night. She eats well, likes fishies to eat, doesn't like reconstituted rice cereal. She doesnt cry much and laughs and sings and coos a lot. She really sounds like a sweetheart. She loves to be held and can walk but doesn't like to. She is 15 months old and has 3 teeth.
So here's to Ji Xia Lee Smith and her parents!! Can't wait to see them all!! Hopefully we will be coming to Alabama this summer to see everyone. We'll know more after they get Ji home to the Dr. to schedule her cleft palate surgery.
Love y'all,

I'm waiting to see if Cres says it's ok for me to post some of the pics of Ji. She's soooo sweet, and I can't WAIT to meet her!

WOOOO!!!! Come home, Baby Ji!

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