Thank you for calling tech support - this is Hermione.

I've tried to hold out. Alas, today, I inconspicuously slipped back into the familiarity and comfort of Mugglenet. (I'm sorry, HJ - I held out for as long as I could!)

Any of you who know me, should already know by now, that I am a Harry Potter fanatic. This feels exactly like AA - "I'm Jennifer, and I'm addicted to Harry Potter." I dress up and go to midnight book parties and movie releases. I would sell Heather out and let you know that she does it with me, but I'm not sure if she wants me mentioning that. So, I won't.

In fact, the last book party we went to (at B&N, last year) was for the Half-Blood Prince, and I went dressed as Bellatrix LeStrange (look her up), and I won the costume competition. How's that for fanatical? *wink* Of course, I'm stressed as crap, because I exhausted the best costume I had for the last book party, won a free copy of the book, so now I don't know who to go as this year. &=( I really wanted to get Quidditch robes, but I don't see myself coming into that kind of money by July. Umm...so, any idears, you guys are more than welcome to pitch them. Just know, if I don't heed it, don't be offended. I DO have a certain "elitist" attitude and dignification I maintain for HP. What I'm saying is, I'm not going to go with a sheet thrown over my head, like Charlie Brown (again, Heather, I'm sorry - lmao).

I also like computers...a lot. I am one of the very few who can actually say I've always had a computer in my home, even if it started out as a Tandy TRS-80. A computer, nonetheless.

All this taken into consideration, I found this on Mugglenet, and felt it appropriate to share, in light of my..."personality." I do hope you can appreciate it:

Top 11 Reasons Harry Would Make a Poor IT Pro

Taken from NetworkComputing

11) Pet owl would attack computer mice and leave deposits on keyboards

10) Wand might misfire at annual meeting, killing shareholders

9) Invisibility cloak would hide him from users, management

8) He'd keep slapping servers and yelling, "Reparium Serviosa!"

7) He'd replace data-center door with portrait of password-hungry fat lady

6) Flame under cauldron would set off fire-suppression system

5) He'd behave too much like a manager, waving his wand and expecting results

4) He'd write all his command-line interfaces in Latin

3) He'd keep trying to link PCs via Floo Network

2) Server-room Quidditch. 'Nuff said

1) Would you leave a whiny teenager with identity issues alone in your data center?

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