Just to let you know, I woke up this morning as a paraplegic. No, not seriously, but almost. I always sleep on my stomach, and when I went to turn over, I, like, couldn't. The pain in my hip and both legs was so severe, I almost started to cry. I know I cry at every other thing known to man, but that's usually emotional. I don't cry at pain unless it's severe enough.

So, I called into work, which I know SUPER-pissed my boss off. Oh, well - if I can't move, I can't drive. I called the doc's office, and his nurse, Wynne, eventually called me back. She said that because of the weather, I'm experiencing arthritic pain, and since I'm still so early out of surgery, it's going to be really, really severe. I told her that the torodol he had prescribed me in place of the lortab wasn't doing anything, so she's called me in some tylenol 3 - we'll see how that does. She said that NSAIDS hinder bone growth, so that's why I can't take that kind of stuff while I'm healing.

She said my hip WILL get better in time, and my knee will get better once I get back to full range of motion and do PT and stuff. She also told me I have to - get this - SLOW DOWN. I really had thrown myself back into work full force the past three days, and I was ok, except I kept passing out from exhaustion every day I'd get home. She said, "yeah, that's a sign that you're doing too much, jennifer." I was like, yeah, yeah, ok. Then she threw in the, "you don't want to have to go BACK to surgery for this, do you?," so I was like, ok, I got it.

So, this weekend, I have to stay OFF my feet and keep ice on my knee. She really didn't want me to go to work tomorrow, but I told her I had to. So she wrote me a light duty notice and sent it to Chris.

Dammit. I hate this. But, hey, at least it's over and done with. If they can just help me set up in surgery, I think I'll be fine working the c-arm, but somehow, I'm sure they won't even let me do that. God, I'm going to be answering the phone and taking messages.

I'm NOT a secretary. And, I DON'T want to get paid to sit around and look gorgeous.

So, all day, I've been icing the knee and laying around, doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G. And, it sucks. I'm addicted to work. I was so glad to be back. I've got a metric ton of dishes to do, but standing up hurts. Hell, going to the bathroom hurts. Rolling over in the bed makes me wince. And, now there's nothing on tv, because of the stupid Siegelman/Scrushy sentencing. I hate that guy. Both of them. Pth.

Ok, this is a totally boring post, but once again, this helps me and others keep up with my recovery. I might go out and stay with my family this weekend, but we'll see. I have to get out there somehow. I really want to get better, so I'm going to have to do what they say. Also, I still haven't found a place, and I'm not in the best shape to go look, so I'm on the right side of screwed.


I thought I had it all figured out, but once again, I did everything in the backasswards order. There are things, kinda like this, that it's not good that I don't have a mom/significant other/guardian/caretaker/zookeeper. Heather can only do so much, because she has her own life and family, and I can't expect her to drop everything for me. All my friends are busy, and I'm not good at needing help - it's my least favorite thing in the world.

Ok, let me go SIT and sort laundry. This is ridiculous. I hate recovering. I hope I never have to have surgery again. Next time, they might just need to keep me in a coma until I'm all better.

Oh, and so far, Siegelman got 7 yrs in jail, a $50k fine, $181k restitution, & 500 hrs community service.

I'm hoping Scrushy will get the chair.

Oh, he gets 82 mos - gay.

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