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Flah....The only time I can update the internet is when I'm at work right now, because my home net is off. This suckzzzz.

So, what happened this past week?

Well, let's start with Harry Potter. On the night of the 10th, I went with several of my friends and family to go to the midnight opening of OOTP. We got some ok pics, but it was all very harried. It was in the middle of the week, I woke up too late to do get everything done that I needed to do, but overall, I had a wonderful time. And, I was like one of two people who dressed up. But I didn't care. This is the kind of stuff that is TOTALLY fun to me. If people weren't such haters, I'd wear hair falls every day of the week. So, it was me, Heather, Larry, Sean, Dwane, Amy, Mark, Erica, Shelby, Mariah, Austin and Braxton who went. We took up an entire row in the theatre. But the movie was awesome. Ok, it was less than awesome. I hate the phrase "artistic license" but they did that. In my opinion, though, it was much better than the last one, but much LESS fun than the book.

I promise, I will post pics eventually, but I can't make anything coordinate right now and won't be able to for some weeks. &=(

NO, I still haven't found a place. YES, I'll be out by the 23rd. I'm definitely making the move back to Southside, strictly to be closer to work. I'm hoping I can find something that will be kind of like Avalon, but less....ghetto-oriented. I liked the apartment, but I hated the fact that I was on the alley, butt-up against this other crappy apartment, where the people were always coming out, screaming and fighting at three in the morning, or blasting their music. The people above me were actually ok, but the chick below me...when I finally left the apartment, I nailed her door shut. So, whether or not she was in and couldn't get out, or out and couldn't get in, I couldn't care either way. I'm actually hoping she just stayed in there and rotted. She would turn her radio on, and it would thump through the floorboards for hours and hours. I called the cops and my landlord on her so many times, it's sickening. I hate living the apartment life, but this will be it until I can get everything turned around.

Ok, what next. Oh, my knee is fine. I'm finally back at work with no brace or crutches, although I do wear the elastic one just for support. Every so often, it feels weak, like it's going to suddenly go out. I still have a limp, and my hip still hurts, so I'm just kinda taking it easy.

Me & Sean went to see 311 - yeah, I posted that already. Ok, now this is all coming back to me. Ahhhh, I hate having to do it like this. This blows.

I watched the kids for Heather and Lee on the 12th, and this weekend I had my friend Jerry, who I took and enrolled at Jimmy Hale on Sunday. I really hope he sticks with the program, because I've exhausted every way that I know of helping him. Good luck, hun - I know you're going to do fine, as long as you clear your mind, keep it open, be honest, stay focused and stay away from the wrong people. Easier said than done - yes, I know.

Today, I have to renew my tag, and tomorrow, I have to meet some guys who are going to take me around to some apartments. I've seen stuff that I really like, but something is always standing the way. I'm going to have to settle on something. I should have started earlier if I was going to be so picky, but once again, I made the wrong decision, by having my surgery before moving. I should have waited until I got settled in to have it done. Oh well - at least it's over.

I have my first appointment with EAP this Wednesday, and I'm a little nervous. This will be my first time talking to someone in over a year. I don't really know what I'm going to say - just go in there and bounce off of whatever the counselour says, I guess. It's better when I talk to someone I know, because they know my history. It's just funny, though, because every time I do this, it always starts with, "My mom passed away several years ago...." Although the problems STARTED long before that, they didn't actually present themselves until after she was gone. It just pisses me off because I can't live without medicine. I get the whole "chemical imbalance" thing, but how did people deal with this before drugs? Sanitariums? Well, I'm about ready for a nice, long vacation - check me in! *google eyes*

So, that's my partial, incomplete update. I have nothing great to report. I feel ok, although some days I'm ready to give in to everything and just stop. I know there's something out there for me, I'm just tired of looking. I'm ready for some sort of clemency. I'm just really tired of being tested right now. I need a break. I'd like someone to take care of and who can take care of me. I know I'm asking a lot, though, so I try not to ask a lot.

God, this is why I hate posting at work. They're in the break room talking about Marvel comic characters vs. Star Wars - who would win?

You know who I think? Harry Potter. But, that's just the opinion of one fan.

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