Trial Run #1

I'm sitting here in full Hatter costume garb & half-ass trial makeup, commando, waiting for my rechargeable batteries to do their thing, all while Booboo is sitting here, staring at me like, "Mama. Seriously. WTF?"

Lemme 'splain.

My light is still out downstairs (imagine that), and my bathroom is literally SO TINY, that I can't even see a whole HALF of my body at one time. I could stand on the potty, but then I would only be able to see my torso - no feet or head. I really need to post pix of this place soon. It's kinda strange, what I'm living with.

Ok, so OUTSIDE the bathroom is a full-length mirror...tacked on to the BACK of the bathroom door, meaning I have to CLOSE the door in order to access it. So, when I do that - HEY, the light goes off! I've got about a hundred string and Christmas lights plugged in to wherever I could get them, but I still can't see for shit. In fact, there were two strands that I blew as I was plugging them in. Totally blew. Nothing. They are, like, now TRASH.

So, I CAN'T SEE WHAT I LOOK LIKE. And, at this point, I'm not confident enough in my loss of reasoning to blindly wander downstairs and frighten the neighbors - "SO. WHAT DO YOU THINK?"

Then, they move out the next day.

So, Imma set the cam up to take pix (front and back - *shivers*) to see what we're working off of right now. You know, see if I can squeeze myself in for a quickie plastics case before Saturday at 8p. I just realized, a couple of days ago, that this is the MOST these people will have ever seen my ass - the part that isn't metaphorical. I did have surgery there, but no one saw my ass. Just my hip-ass.

Oh, and the reason I'm commando is because I left my matching underpants up here, and now, I can't find them. *brood*

I know you really, REALLY can't tell, but I hate the way I look - in every meaning of the phrase. Yes, I did take a picture of myself in the dressing room, but I was also sucking in almost to the point of fainting.

I don't like the cake, but the cake likes me.

If anyone has any creative ideas on GREEN MAKEUP, let me know. The lining of my eyes didn't go so well tonight. We had several casualties, and I'm expecting more.

I still have to go get a bun, a mouse, and a teapot tomorrow. I really hate that it's raining, because all I want to do is sleep. I'm sure Monday I'll be sleeping off the hangover of the century, though. &=( That's totally ok, as long as there's no vomit involved. Or trick-or-treatery. Or blackmailish anything that makes me have to find another job. Again.

Oh, and I went to the doctor today about my neck, but I'll have to post that separately and later. I've been crabbing about starting back at the gym, and she does want me to do that, but I'm going to have to go at it so slowly, I don't know how I'm going to get anything accomplished. The main thing is, though, that I just have to go.

Alrighty, me tighties. It's after 10p, and I promised myself that I'd go to bed at a reasonable hour. I've piled all my hair onto the top of my head, I'm sleeping in this makeup, because I'm too lazy to take it off right now, and I've got myself some Lipton Mango & Peach White tea, waiting for me to come crawl into bed with. Not as good as a warm body, but it's better than that smelly homeless guy. I don't like when dudes smell like old, rank alkies. Not that I'm always a flower, but meh.


anna said...

Dang girl, those are beau-ti-ful pics of yourself!! I love green eyemakeup on brown eyes, I wear it all the time in fact.

I have no idea what I'm gonna be Sat nite and our NA party. LOL

Jimmy said...

Hey, thanks! Yeah, any ideas how I can play this up anymore? I have NO idea what to do to my lips, and I'm still not super-keen on my new chin that's rapidly developing. &=(

Come on - you've got to have ideas on what you want to be! I know you've got some designs floating around in there, so SHARE!!! &=D