Larry, meet Richard - Richard, Larry. Scoot over, Siegelman.

Hi, all. I've been sick with the flu. Just had the worst Thanksgiving I've had in, oh, um, nine years. I didn't even get to see my family. Anyway, I just wanted to share this:

Mayor Larry Langford Arrested on federal charges (*the city breaks out in spontaneous song & dance*)
Monday, December 1, 2008

Federal officials and the FBI have confirmed that Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford was arrested this morning and is being held at the federal courthouse on unspecified federal charges.

At this time details of the indictment are under seal and not available to the public.

According to attorney Tommy Spina, Al LaPierre, who was also part of the federal investigation headed by a special grand jury, is expected to surrender himself to federal authorities today.

It is believed that the charges are related to a US Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that LaPierre and Montgomery area investment banker Bill Blount were involved in making undisclosed payments of $156,000 to Mayor Langford to help secure business from Jefferson County while Langford was serving as Jefferson County Commission president.

A press conference at the US Attorney's office is scheduled for 10am CST. Listen to 960 WERC for continuous team coverage of this breaking news story.

Deborah Vance-Bowie released this statement from the Mayor's chief of staff:

"As you know, the Mayor was detained this morning by federal authorities. We do not know the details of his detention at this time. City business will go on as usual as we are all here to do a job and we'll continue to do our jobs to ensure we deliver the best services to the taxpayers of Birmingham. This is certainly no surprise to us -- we anticipated something happening soon especially knowing Alice Martin's days in office are numbered with the swearing in of a new president in late January -- just a little over a month from now. We are glad the mayor will finally have his day in court. As members of his team, we stand behind him and look forward to the day when we can return the focus to the important issues before the city."

Now, whoever this Vance-Bowie character is, I'd like to sock her right in the mouth. Like Birmingham needs to be fraught with anyMORE scandal than we have going on right now! Speaking of which, WHO'S PAYING MY SEWER BILL??!?!

Aside from that, I just wanted to share the good news! Bring on the shackles and put this man next to Richard M Scrushy, the man who's harcuts are so expensive...but what is there to cut????

Ahhh, I love a good, hot cup of justice served, early in the morning.

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Laura said...

Man. Birmingham is turning into the Washington,DC scandal central of the south.

Do you remember when Langford came and talked to school? Was that Junior high or High school? Crazy.

I remember thinking he sounded crooked then. All smooth talking and sneaky.

Sorry you were sick over Thanksgiving. That really sucks.I am glad you are feeling better to post! Love ya girlie!