Hope for You

Remember, you're not the only one with problems:
(that's my mantra to keep myself out of my head)

  • My grandmother, as always
  • My uncle Gordon, as always
  • My family - so we can rally together and make things better for each other
  • Um, and just my family in general, because I love them so very much
  • David's daughter, Staci, and his brother
  • Anna.B and her ongoing fight with her innards - girl, we'll get this figured out
  • Thanks for the Jimmerson's safe return from their summer trip
  • Marti's sister Terry - surgery went well, now comes chemo
  • Anpan Jack - he's doing better, but I pray every day that I can live up to his expectations of me and do what God wants me to do with him
  • Phil's schooling
  • Roy and his family
  • Holly's pregnancy - everything to go well and for the baby to spontaneously turn into a girl en utero!!!! Hahaha, just kidding! That was for poor, sweet Lucy! Just praying for an excellent pregnancy all around!
  • Laura's headache! GO AWAY! &=)
  • Joseph's work
  • Wes & Brooke's, um, "situation" and that I can stay out of it
  • My friend Tabatha and her family are visiting Alabama, so keep them safe, during their visit and on the trip home
  • My family's safe upcoming vacation
  • Cory's job hunt
  • Scott's job hunt
  • Erica's upcoming work with UAB soccer camp (GO, girl! Make that money!)
  • Shelby's precious heart
  • My aunt's and cousins' children, because they're all so precious and wonderful, but have very full, decisive lives ahead of them.
  • Dwane's constant dilemmas (I feel your pain, sweetheart)
  • Larry's upcoming nuptuals
  • Dina's situation
  • Layne's husband, John's condition
  • Sean's current complicated situation - I really hope things work out
  • My situations - living, monetary, health, as well as mental - just trying to get things together and move, so I can get out of this oppressive place; want to pay off debt; need to get some things fixed within my physical self; and want to KEEP IT TOGETHER!

Again, if I'm leaving anyone out, let me know. I'm always happy to make these lists of people I need to keep in my thoughts, because I feel horrible leaving people out. I plan to lift each of these people up in prayer (no offense to my non-believer buddies), so that we can whisper in the ear of God our problems and our needs. That's what He's here for - to counsel. As well as Gaia, who can wrap her leafy arms around us in the presence of nature and, once again, make us a beautiful part of the earth, which is how it should be. Being in the presence of Gaia and God help me relax and let go of so much, lay so much down that has been forgiven and should have been forgotten long ago.

Unfortunately, Gaia makes me sweat a lot this time of year. *peeyew*

Love you, guys.


Lorza said...

Awww. Thank you girlie. I hope you are doing better. {{HUGS}}

Holly said...

I love you!!!