Otakon 2009

If anyone loves me, you'll get me up to Baltimore tomorrow, to go to Otakon 2009, July 17-19.


I've always liked webcomics, but for the past couple of years, I've really gotten into anime and manga, through most of the online comics I read and cartoons I watch (ie. Shin Chan). Several of my favorite comic artists are going to be there (autographs!), so that would beyond rule.

Turns out, Otakon is the longest-running anime convention here in the United States, this being it's 15th year.

Obviously, I also love the other comics, so if Baltimore is out of the question, San Diego Comic-Con International is coming July 23-26. That's fine, too. I mean, I'm open to ANYTHING where there's cosplay, comics, cartoons, etc. Personally, I think we should have cosplay days at work at LEAST once a month.

If you'll just let me know how many weeks I'll need to take off for vacation and at what spa/resort I'll be staying, so I can let everyone know, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much! &=)

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