I gotta start hanging out more here...

...and less on Facebook.

I always have all this stuff that I want to write, but I end up forgetting it, when I get here.

And, I really wish I've been documenting everything we've been going through at the warehouse. It's pretty ridiculous. The last two days haven't been so bad, since he hasn't been hanging around. But, every time he COMES around, it just gets out of hand. He treats us like complete and total retards. You can be ON THE PHONE with a customer, answering a question, and he comes in and starts talking over you, telling you how what you're saying is wrong and how to answer the question (even though he doesn't even know what the question is), and it's totally maddening. And, you can't even EXPLAIN it to someone, unless they freaking work there. When people ask me about work, and I just get this horrified look on my face, and they want to know why, I just can't tell them.

Ugh, enough about work. I'm just stopping by, to make myself uphold my promise to write more. Um, I'm just not gonna do it now. I got cookies in the fridge that are calling to be baked. I bathed Jack earlier, cleaned out his crate and managed to get my Dyson taken apart and cleaned. I swear, there's something so fun to me about vacuum cleaners. I think I need to get my head checked. I don't actually like to USE it, but I do enjoy disassembling and reassembling it. Oh well. At least it's something at which I can be proficient when they put me away..."all she does is take the vacuum cleaner apart and put it back together. She's REALLY certifiable."

No more going on with TCR. Right now, I'm just doing Monday practices, which is fine. I want to bump it up, but as long as I'm still feeling rotten, I'm not going to overly FORCE myself to do anything. I don't know why I'm taking in all caps. I do that a lot. Well, I type exactly how I speak, so those are my points of emphasis. Way to point that out, Einstein. *rolls eyes* But, my neck and left shoulder are so screwed up, it's all I can do to make it through a day. It's really becoming a terrible, almost unbearable problem. The spasms don't stop anymore, and laying down doesn't help. God, I wish I had some freaking money or insurance or both.

Hey, if you win the lotto, you wanna throw a girl a bone and help me out? That would be awesome. I need about $3k to get completely out of debt. And, I don't mind doing things for myself - never have. It's just that I feel like I'm digging in a hole that someone is standing over, throwing the dirt back in. I don't know that I'm ever going to get anywhere. It's horrible when you go to Best Buy and make a DVD purchase, then spend weeks with buyers' remorse. It really sucks. I've turned into a mega-Scrooge. And, what do I have to show for my no money? Well, a boss that I hate, for one, and nothing else, for two.

Yay. This life is AWESOME. &=\

Blah, blah, blah - you know I can go on...AND I DO. (There - more emphasis.) But, me and Jack have Do Dah Day tomorrow, and I've been looking forward to this, since I adopted him last year. We couldn't go last year, because he was in training. This year, he's not in training (since I'm broke), and he's still going to be a complete psycho. Oh well. I know he's going to have a really good time, and that's important to me. Plus, I think Amy and the kids are going to bring Ray, so that will be fun. I promised Joseph I'd help him a little with the GA table, but I'm not going to kill myself. When we turn this into OUR company, I'll be a lot more willing to help out. Until then, I'm not turning myself inside out to do ANYTHING for that asshole (the boss, not Joseph).

Sleep well, my dearest friends. Hope to be with you again, soon.

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