Having a beer tonight....

"Midwest Pet Products:

I don't want to say that your products are crap, because my dog managed fine for his first year of life - while he was small. A few months ago is when the nightmare started. Every few weeks, I come home from work to find him (or my boyfriend's dog) out and our apartment absolutely trashed, irreplaceable items destroyed. Apparently, what they do is slam their bodies into either the front or the back of the crate and manage to unhinge the wire u-hinges, into which the crate walls fit. Today was the last time. My boyfriend and I have given in, and as I type this, he's tying all the walls of both dogs' crates together with heavy-duty wiring. We're at our wits' end. I don't know what you guys are doing with your profits, but you might think about getting your team on a new, reliable design. I've been completely happy with your products, until they started repeatedly breaking out of their crates. After this, I'm having a hard time singing your praises.

Just wanted to let you know."

God damn, I'm exhausted.


Anonymous said...

The analogy is astounding.
We all have cages. Some are tied up tighter with wire.
We all yearn for freedom and to be met and loved.
We all yearn...

Jimmy said...

You have no idea how right you are. NONE.