I forgot what it means to look up

Oh! Omg, guess what?


"A job" was able to get in touch with my aunt (AT HER SCHOOL) and find out where I was, because THEY WANT TO HIRE ME! She said it's likely to be part-time in the beginning, but OH MY GOD IT'S A JOB.

Now, get this: I DON'T HAVE A PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok. Ok, I have to pull myself together. I think I have a little money left in my bank acct. I can go get another card for Bryan's phone.

Oh, but first I'm going to brush my teeth.

OH! Oh! Oh, oh my gosh. I....OH! I have to go!


Laura Greene said...

I lol'd at this post because it reminds me of how I sound when I get excited. You got a new follower in me!

Jimmy said...

Awww, thanks, Laura! Don't let my whiny posts get you too down. As a constant battler of depression, anxiety and just general woes of the world, I tend to get a bit low on my reserves at times.
But, my true happiness is making people laugh and, well, existing. My moods are as unpredictable as...well, I was going to say the moon, but they've been studying that for FOREVER. Granted, you'll never see my mood predictor on the Weather Channel (ohhhh, how GREAT would that be? "Raving bitch, tomorrow? Better dress warm.")

You're always welcome to comment and revel in the insanity that is me AND my life. No matter how stagnant I think it has gotten, a rousing game of "getting chased by bees" is always awaiting me outside some door. &=)