blog address & fanny pokin'

Sunday, September 17, 2006

blog address & fanny pokin'

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ok, i found it - this is the link to my OTHER blog. it's the same stuff that's posted on here, but this myspace stuff just isnt' reliable sometimes, especially since shelb had her account deleted 4 different times, and we still can't find out why. ok, here she is:


so, that's my other blog. hey, why is this typing like this? dangit. ahh, i don't feel like changing it. ok, anyway, there's my OTHER blog. which is the same as this. but is for people who are not connected to myspace. and, apparently, this is a giant hyperlink. .com.

oh, and i have to go back to the er today for packing round #3, so everyone wish me luck. pray for TONS OF LIDOCAINE. the pain meds, i don't care so much about, but the local anesthetic - yeah, that's my friend. the first couple of times, i was ok, but it's getting to the point where i'm so tired of being in pain, i'm ready to hold someone hostage if they don't set me up for surgery to just take the whole damn thing out.
it's a CYST, which means it's just a pocket within my...buttcrack, that's holding all this stuff - so, my reasoning is, why not take it out? but i think the fact that mine has actually turned into an abscess, which is somehow congruent with my tailbone rotting and eventually falling off, i think that's made it 50 billion times worse than it could have been.
hey, you know me - i like to do things to the EXTREME!!!! extreme cyst-having!!!! WOOOO!!!

plus, i'm probably going to have to have a liver transplant after all the pain meds i've been taking. i think i'm addicted, not to the meds themselves, but the whole "not being in pain" thing.

yeah, i like that feeling a lot.

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