first picture - it's a yucky one

current mood: accomplished!

rawwwwk. i did it. ok, for those of you (like me) who enjoy gross things, THIS is what i have. and unfortunately, mine didn't come up on the small of my back, like the nice pg-rated picture, but actually UNDER where the apex of the pilonidal dimple arrow rests. so it's IN my crack...and it is GROOOOSSSS. plus, i have to get the whole entire thing taken out, which from what i read, is about half as long as my butt. so, there you go - knowledge is power!

and you thought i was kidding when i said "check your buttcracks."


taba said...

ooowwww!!! your poor crack! that would suck!

taba said...

ok.lol can you change the title of your blog to jimmy's ass? ;)