audition piece

i started thinking, and i realized that if i intend to go through with this acting thingie, i'll have to have an audition piece prepared. so i found the screenplay to "sense & sensibility" by jane austin, and i'm using a part from it.

back when i was in junior college, i had to do a dramatic reading in speech class, and i loved the part in that movie where elinor & marianne are arguing about elinor's missive behavior towards someone she so obviously cares for. marianne taunts and presses her on the issue, and elinor finally explodes and tells her everything that's been weighing on her mind. emma thompson plays elinor, and her passion in the part is just so powerful and emotional, it's one of the pieces that inspires me. so, when i was in school, i thought i'd do that part, and i had it all typed out and nice-looking but had made it to class without it! so, i got up there and explained to the professor what had happened, but i went on and did it, without missing a beat. after i got done, i looked up, and the professor's mouth was hanging open, and one of the kids up front spoke up and said, "you just did that from memory?"

my teacher later told me that i needed to get the hell out of art and go directly into acting. needless to say, i never did, and i've always regretted it.

i have to say, that's the ONE BRIEF MOMENT in my life that i was proud of myself. no, really. i can't believe i was able to get my fat head through the doorframe.

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