ehhh-deee-oootttt (idiot)

Great Jimmy. Great Times.

the above was from a website, where you can "sloganize" your name. you enter in your name, and it gives you a slogan. so, there you go. it's all about the jimmy. it's all about great times.

i was just recently told that i'm getting lazy, since i haven't been posting. so, sorry. i've been...weird. this weekend was hectic, but i'll elaborate on that more in a bit, since i am at work, and i should be "working". but, meh, whatever.

so, i thought i'd start with this: i was recently listening to an interview with a very important person (no, not the prez) on npr. it was extremely informative, and i was totally drawn in........until he said the word "nucular". after that, my brain went off like a tv set. after that, i had no faith in anything that man was saying. he was talking about north korea and the testing and such, but once he said that word ("oh, you mean like a nucular weapon?"), i completely lost all hope in humanity. i mean it, if i get to heaven and jesus has anything to say to me about "nucular anythings," i'm coming back to earth.

it's "NEW-CLEE-ARRRR". why can't people say that? even more annoying, why does it drive me so damn nuts? it's like the license thing, but i'll get to that in a bit. right now - potty break.

*post potty*

ok, better. for now. anyway, the license thing. yeah, that's driven me crazy since, like, birth. when you acquire a LICENSE, you get IT, not THEM. jesus h, why do people say that? my mom was the first one to point it out to me, and ever since that moment, i hear it at least once a week. i remember when my best friend and i (not heather) were going to gscc together, and we went to the mall after class one day. we pulled up in the parking space, were getting out of the car, and she said, "oops, my license - can you hand them to me?" i was like, "wtf? how many do you have?"
let's see - your driver's license, your hunting license, your truck driving license, your fishing license, your nursing license, your xray license, your license to be blind (i don't even know if they have those) - i'll hand THOSE to you. but i won't be digging for licenses to hand to you, just because you used

the word "them". i mean, i'm not going to be responsible for that kind of forgery, but thanks, though.

i just looked up the word "phenylketonurics," and my boss kept saying it all wrong. i was like, "come on! where did you grad-jee-ate from anyways??" he kept saying "phenylketonics". well, what about the "ur"? do they just get the shaft, like they were never there in the first place? i mean, what a hater. i think i've EARNED my right to make up my own words, because i stand up for the words that are already in existence! i mean, i worked my tiny, little fanny off in grade school, in english, to learn all about the language that never should have been. our language is the most complicated language in the whole world! does anyone ever appreciate that? NO! we just butcher the heck out of it, day in and day out!

OMG! why am i screaming about this??? I DON'T KNOW! I DIDN'T TAKE MY MEDICINE TODAY!!! *pulls hair*

no, really, i'm ok now. ah jus ahates peepulls bad grammeraticall langwedgeing! and if you don't know what that says, you have to SAY IT OUT LOUD, at your place of work, with a southern inflection...and, no, i don't mean "infection".

ahhhh....that felt good. i've been holding it all back at work, because there's no helping these folks here. no helpin' 'em. "the human dictionary" walks around, bored as crap all day - and i'm losing my abilities! quick, make me spell something! o-n-o-m-a-t-o-p-o-e-i-a! *phew* you know, i don't have a lot of talents, but that's one i'm extremely proud (and embarrassed) of.

ok, ok, i'm going to get a so-da. i'm thirsty, and i have a feeling it's going to be a strange night. i talked to phil again today, because i wanted to. you hear that??!? BECAUSE HEATHER SAID I'M AN ADULT, AND I CAN WANT TO TALK TO PEOPLE THAT I LIKE, IF I WANT! nice to know i'm an adult, and i have to get my best friend to tell me what's ok and what's not. for me, that's the defining account of maturity - me not jumping into something headfirst and drowning after a few minutes. man, i'm lame.

ok, i'll post again when i get home, because i have to tell about what happened yesterday.


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the todd said...

HOLY CRAP YOU JUST MADE ME SOOOO HAPPY!!!! I didn't think the nu-cu-ler thing bothered anyone else on earth but me! that is so stupid! how friggin' hard is it? NU-CLE-AR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the leader of the damn free world ( yes, da prez!) can't say such a simple word properly? WTF?!? ROCK ON, JIMMIEJAM!