hair falls & such

cripes, i'm so bored at work.

i just looked on ebay (which i shouldn't have done), and they have two sets of GORGEOUS pink hair falls. for those of you who don't know, that's one of my deadliest weaknesses. i LOVE to have weird things in my hair. i don't necessarily mean live animals or a dung beetle or something. but i just love having weird hair. it's one of those quirky things - it helps me to *snicker* feel better about myself. isn't that strange?

now, i'm not too big on the dreaded falls. my favorites are the ones made of faux wool (not dreaded), yarn, ribbons, cyberlox, industrial tubing, etc - and the bigger and the more outrageous the color, the better. i still need to find some cheap silver goggles to go with mine.

and i'm not talking, wearing these for halloween or to a crazy party or something stupid like that. i mean, i've gotta run to the store for a few things, so i'll just wear my smaller green & purple falls. i just love doing my hair in...weird ways. my mom did my hair in all these kinked up swirlies one day in high school (my milk-maid hairdo), and it was THE COOLEST! in fact, if i had a picture...OH, I DO! oh, fart. i forgot. one of those turds broke my scanner (and never owned up to it), so i can't scan anything. well, crap - i'll find a way. anyway, when i get home, i'll post a couple of pics of my hair in falls, if i can find them. who knew my mother would have created such a freak! muahahaha!!!!

this thing is so retarded - sometimes it uploads the pics and sometimes, it just doesn't FEEL like it. *sigh* here we go. this is me and b at his lil field trip to the alabama theatre to "gobs of fun!" we had such an awesome time!

i just like to push the envelope to see how non-judgemental people can afford to be. i would like for people who i love or care about be able to say, "well, sure, she dresses like a weirdo, but she has an AWESOME personality!" but that's my only issue is what the people who love me think about me. i don't want them to think that just because i wear freak clothes makes me any MORE of a freak than i already am on the inside. gad, if it showed on the outside how i felt on the inside..........i shudder to think...

i really love it when little kids come up and say, "i like your hair!" ohhhhh, that's my favorite! <3

oh, and speaking of hair falls, here's my cake that heather made me for my bday - complete with hair falls and everything! omg, she knows me SOOO well! &=)

i really should post more pictures, but my narcolepsy is kicking in. i need to go to the doc and get this checked out - i can sleep for 6-12 solid hours and still be completely racked when i wake up in the morning. i don't know what's up with that. they've checked my blood and stuff but can never find anything wrong. apparently, there's this thing called "chronic fatigue syndrome," which in my case would be "chronic fat & lazy-ass syndrome". i just can't seem to get up the will or energy to do any-freaking-thing, and it's really pissing me off. (just for those of you who want to give me a hard time about eating meat, IT'S NOT THAT, so get up off...) i feel like my whole body is constantly made of lead, and i'm always having to drag it around. i'm so short (5'3") but this ghetto bootie ain't filled with air, ya know. ok, ok, i'm sitting in my rocking chair (aka talking about my illnesses too much), so lemme go see if i can find some cartoons to clear my head.

pander to me, spongebob! &=)


the Todd said...

I often find that people who look, dress, or act "freaky" do have the best personalities. In fact, "normal" folks frighten the holy livin' bejeezuz outta me. If they are like that all the time, what horrible things do they do in private to "let it all out"?

the todd said...

OK, u is gettin' lazy on us! Not a peep for 6 days now! lol