what IS that?!?

ok, so here's a pic of the infamous "pigtail" (RIP) - for those of you who don't like gross things, had i known better how to work this thing, i would have suggested you shut your eyes at the beginning. but now you know. and THAT was the one that fell out in my hand after i got out of the shower one day. i just reached back to blot the pigtail, and i pull my hand around, and OMG, IT'S IN MY HAND! so, i was totally freaked out that i'm holding what i had started considering as part of my anatomy. so i'm sorta running around like, omg, omg, what do i do? should i try to put it back in? and THAT gave me the major shivers, so i ran around a little more and tried to think of people to call, but after i ran out of ideas, i just laid it's tiny lil pink carcass on the bathroom counter and started taking pictures of it. just so everyone knows, i got THAT freak thing from my mom. and i know it's weird that i take pics of everything. but i do. and if i didn't, then YOU wouldn't know what a "pigtail (RIP) wick" looks like. incidentally, the one in the pic is TINY compared to the ones i'd had previous to that one. i wish i'd taken a picture of it against something, so you could see the size...maybe ON MY FACE! haha, yuck, just kidding. oops, i just burped a little in my mouth. i guess i didn't like that joke either.

i know some of you keep asking what kind of dog i have (had), and i keep avoiding the issue, so HERE SHE IS. she's a "badly bred boxer" (that's called an alliteration, for those of you who care - because i'm excited that i know that), and her name is jezzabelle. in this pic, she's sitting with my booboo kitty (and wormy, jezzy's first toy), who is my pride and joy, because if you DIDN'T know, booboo has 28 toes...or 26. anyway, we x-rayed her one time, and anyway, she's just flipping awesome. so, i saw my jezzy (who lives with phil, my ex) a few nights ago, and she looks EXACTLY the same, but she's HUUUUGE!!! i can't believe what a big, pretty girl she is! and she's soooo sweet! and she LOOOOVES her mama! *tears and tears* i love my pets, because they're my family, and they love you, NO MATTER WHAT!

i'm a huge animal advocate, and i'll get into that plenty later. people ask why i do what i do, why i believe the things i believe, why i'm a vegetarian, why when i open my mouth, it sounds like howler monkeys, but i'll delve into all of that a little bit at a time. right now, i'm supposed to be going to bed. but i've had some problems sleeping the past few nights. don't know what's up with that, because as everyone knows, i'm a world-class sleeper. all those people who say that stupid stuff about, "i'll sleep when i'm dead...," yo, you do that - i'm gonna get a headstart.

ps. i know i sorta messed up the text on this one, but i'll fix it tomorrow. right now, i think someone is sleeping BEFORE me! how DARE they??...

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Nikki~* said...

Aw, Boo Boo and the doggy are precious!!!