no longer a trinity surgery virgin!

i'm sitting up here in the surgery department at trinity (my second job), and it's my first time to come up here - i'm really excited, in case you needed more proof that i'm a goob. actually, i've been up here before, but just walking through. this will be my first time to do a case. i'd much rather be up here, getting screamed at by docs than downstairs doing diagnostic. i friggin hate that. this is totally my thing. and especially if i get to do trauma work, that's the best. i don't really even mind doing trauma xrays, but i freaking HATE doing a kub on someone with abdomen pains or a wrist on a lady with a $10k tennis bracelet, because she slipped at the garden club meeting and twisted her wrist. that kind of boring stuff makes me want to go out of my mind. i want to see blood and have to put body parts back on the cassette to xray. i know that's kind of morbid (or a LOT morbid), but that's what keeps me going, is that heart-racing rhythm and non-predictability of trauma work. i know it would wear me out, but it's just so fascinating to me.

i remember my first trauma i ever went to xray (and i know the minute i start this story, they're going to call) - it was this older lady who was in a car wreck. i was all hyped up and goading the other students i was rotating with that "i'm getting to do the first trauma! na na na na!" i was all excited and stuff, so me and my teacher went to the ER, and when we walked through the door, that lady was laying flat on her back, already intubated, and her left hip was bent out to the side. but it was bent out so far that it was hanging off the stretcher, and her KNEECAP was pointing at the ground. i froze in the doorway and just stood there. finally, my teacher turned around and said, "omg, are you about to pass out? sit down!," and pushed me back on the stretcher that was behind me. i seriously felt like i was either going to throw up or faint...or both.

oops, what did i just say - duty calls! see ya, bitches! &=D

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