*the star*

tiny post.
i know, i always say that, and it's always longer than necessary, because i'm a talker.

but, first thing's first:
i got a new baby! here's her pic:
her don't gots a lil name, yet! but i'm working on it. i was looking through some greek names, but i'll post on that later. otherwise, anyone come up with anything smart and unusual, lemme know. she was stray, and even though you can't tell by the pic, she's not much bigger than the palm of my hand. and she doesn't even have a meow, yet - she just squeaks! as loud and as hard as she possibly can! she's adorable, and she's the BIGGEST LOVER! she purrs and climbs all over me. but, omg, booboo hates her. i keep trying to assure her that the new kitty is actually for HER, not me, but she's not buying it...yet.

ok, so next, i just back from b&n, spending my birthday gift card - THANK YOU, DAVE! &=) and i got some old school stuff:

cs lewis - the magician's nephew (already read it, but it's a BEAUTIFULLY written book)
cs lewis - the lion, the witch & the wardrobe (haven't read it, yet)
roald dahl - charlie & the chocolate factory (i hear it's MUCH different & darker than the kid-friendly movie)
lewis carroll - alice's adventures in wonderland & through the looking glass (i've only recently started hankering to read this)
piers anthony - with a tangled skein (3rd in this series - i liked the 2nd and LOVED the 1st)
upton sinclair - the jungle (i've been dying to read this for about 2 years, but have, for some reason, never picked it up)

so, i'm really excited about my books. i'm still diligently working on atlas shrugged - ayn rand, but i have to put it down and walk away every so often. so, maybe these will provide a much-needed brain break from that. it's apparently deeper than i was ready for right now. i still have a lot on my mind.

and finally....(drum-roll, please)...i have an audition coming up on nov 2! it's for a movie called "interplanetary," and it's by the same guy who did "hide & creep," which won some things at the sidewalk film festival a couple of years ago. i'm really, really excited! i know you can't read my swirling thoughts and upset tummy through all this, but i assure you, it's there! i went to see a play "veronica's room," written by ira levin, (who also did "rosemary's baby") this weekend, and it sparked back up my interest in getting in to acting. so he talked to his friend, who was actually in the play, and he told me where to start doing some research. so when i started today, i ran across this site that gives you these various open casting calls in the birmingham area. i emailed one of the guys, and he em'd me back, and was like, "can you come nov 2, 5-8p @ workplay?" i was like, "HO-LY CRAP!"
so, i'm REEEEEEEEALLY excited, even if this gets me nothing. i can say i friggin did it! and if i DO get something, then you all have to come see me, in my starring role....as the rock! no, not THAT one! the OTHER one! no, in the background! SEE? see my foot??!? that's MY FOOT!!!! that was me! no, i don't have any speaking parts, now that you mention it. no, that was it - i'm only on for those 3.5 sec......BUT WASN'T I GREAT?!?!? &=)
i know that's how it will turn out, but i figure, hell, if SOME of these people can get into the biz, then i sure as heck can do a lot better than them! that's what we call it, those of us in showbusiness - we call it "the biz". just so you're up on the vernacular. i'd hate for any of you to seem moronic & uncultured. i mean, if you're going to DRESS like that, then you might as well stay home. why do you always DO this to me??! make me look like a fool, in front of all my "friends"?

hahaha, just kidding! i'd never make it as a big-timer! "i said i wanted thirty-SEVEN slightly chilled evian waters, each with their own embroidered coozie! my assistant said she only counted thirty-FIVE! what do i pay you people for? so I can do all the work??? and i wanted an asian-american to do my 330p massage! german americans are TOO ROUGH!" ha! i'd probably get in trouble for talking to all the "little people". i could never hack it in "the biz". reading other peoples' riders always makes me laugh, to see all the ridiculous things they request! pick out your own damn red m&m's! but the people who agree to it are even ridiculouser for doing it! (i made that word up, "ridiculouser"...but i don't need to tell you that, right?)

see? there i go, yammering on, when there's sleep to get. oh yeah, and i have to check on the baby girl. so, i'm sure i'll post again before then, but everyone wish me luck! (about the audition, not checking on the kitty) i'm SOOOOO excited! oh man, my tummy is really rolling. this is gonna be a looooong week.

*hugs* &=)

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