not to think

just another fun thing to know about me - this is almost exactly how my job interview with healthsouth went.

after i left the room, i hadn't even made it to the stairs when i burst into tears. in march, i will have been there for 2 years. the only other job i had that lasted longer (no, the news-aggie doesn't count) was at arby's for about 2.5 years.

yeah, i'm just...wasting time. there are things that i should be doing. but, i'm not. here's one that gordon sent me, that expresses one of my previous posts nicely:

that's from xkcd.com, just so we're propping the right people. i hate when people don't give credit where credit is due.

this one is a comic that i've been looking for for a really long time. it's called cyanide & happiness, and i found it on explosm.net...and, for me, it all started with this one:

now, i realize that some (or all) of you might not have the same sense of humor as me. and that's ok. because i heard that intelligence is directly related to how nice your teeth are, and since i have the best teeth ever, i win.

just kidding. i know if i ever have kids, they'll have flippers for hands and rocks for heads. i mean, i've had enough radiation - cause i DO that, you know.

i actually have a ton of cool, gross x-ray pics. yeah. they're on my OTHER hard drive. the one that's busted. and is gonna cost round abouts $900. so, we're saving up for that one. i think i have about $3.27 in my change cup, so this is gonna take a while.

here's some more pics i liked. in case you haven't noticed, i dig saving pics that i love. damn, are you guys gonna be bored for the next few posts...:

you know what they say - once a drinker, always a drinker.

i love otters, btw. they're my favorite animals aside from cats. i have a few baby ott pics - i'm working on building my collection. i have this awesome photo that i shot of a river otter in new orleans. it's one of the coolest pics i've ever taken, and i have it matted, framed, and hanging in my hallway.

man, this thing is being KRAB-BY. there are some pics it will upload and some, it's just like, "nah, i don't FEEL like using that one." i'm purty sure this thing doesn't have a max. well, but it is MY blog, so who knows. it's probably cursing everyone who reads it. i have that kind of luck, you know. that kind that makes you get deathly ill when you don't have anymore off days to use.

ok, ok, this is it. for tonight. i was able to get some things off my chest earlier, so i'm feeling minor relief. things still go much unresolved in my life.

oh well - tomorrow, i can start all over..............again.

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