i'm blogging, i'm blogging, i'm blogging, blogging, blogging.

i'm screwed up my diet today. i had to drink some coffee this morning, because i was falling to sleepy.

we've got several cases downstairs today, but no one's called yet. that always worries me.

plus, i sent x2 a very long letter, and i haven't had a response. that also worries me, although it shouldn't. i'm just...i don't know. i don't like for people to be miffed at me, for ANY reason. no, i don't dig on confrontation, but i like to get things out in the open. i'm all about telling someone i'm wrong...when i am. but since we all know that RARELY happens...

anyway, i'm reading my new favorite serial webcomic (can't remember if i mentioned this already), "questionable content". it's got lots of drama - plus the guy who draws it is really funny, and it's cool to see how dramatically his comic art has changed over the past few years. i adore his lil ipod robot, winslow - he's my favorite character. i don't know if i can post his picture here, so i won't, until i ask first.

ok, back to reading. i'm having a better day than yesterday, but i still feel kinda "eh"-ish. i didn't get great sleep last night, and i don't know why. ricky and i both woke up late this morning. he usually comes in and wakes me up closer to 6a, once he's already ready. but this morning, it was 630a before we left the house. we were severely late today. but you know what i have to say about that? eh.

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Nikki said...

Can you please tell me the diet thing? I am desperate :(

I need help.

All my confidence is going down the drain.

I am losing myself.<3