holi-day 3

i'm on my last day of working this week. which means i get to have one whole day off tomorrow! omg, i don't know what i'm going to DO with all that free time! WOO! *rolls eyes*

i just signed up for some scholarship information just now. it says there are like 108 scholarships that i'm eligible for. i'd really like to go back to school, but i really think that someone should just GIVE me the money to do it. i'm still hung up on getting my master's in biology and doing field work. i still think that would be the ultimate high. i went ahead and signed up for some other things, like computers, medicine...ahh, i can't remember what else i put. but at this point in my life, i think i could literally do just about anything i wanted. i'd LIKE to work smarter, not harder, but you know, i kinda think you have to start out smart in order to accomplish something like that. whereas for me, it would end up being something like marrying a hot surgeon! hahaha!! good one! i don't even shave my legs when i go on a date! (oh yeah, you know bohemian is totally hot!) &=P

it's been a little busy here, but they said it was bad yesterday - people coming in with tummy aches from eating too much and car accidents from shopping. i can't believe no one came in snatched bald or something. i did that "day after thanksgiving" shopping one time, and omg, i was appalled at not only the number of people, but the way they acted. i don't like how people act in shopping malls on REGULAR days!

heather said she went to a store last year, and when she got there, it was about an hour before, and there were like 3 other cars in the parking lot, so she went to get coffee. when she got back, there were 50 trillion cars in the lot and there was a line all the way down the side of the building. she was like, "wtf?," but she went ahead and got in line anyway. she said she was really far in the back, but she wasn't quite at the end, and she said by the time she made it into the store, she already heard glass breaking in the back of the store. she was like, "i had no idea after t'giving shopping was so...treacherous!" i told her, if you don't have a bat or some sort of weapon, you'd better be able to fight like a bear to keep your hands on what you've got. i've heard of people reaching over other people and just taking things out of their hands. then, one year, mom made me go to kmart with her and grammy, and after being there for about 30 min (at 5 in the morning, which is not my forte), i went home and went back to bed. mom came home and said that two ladies got in a FIST FIGHT at the jewelry counter over a tennis bracelet, and they had to call the cops. you know, i want an ipod, but i can't imagine blacking someone's eye for it.

anyway, that's why i hate christmas. the fact that it's become so commercialized, AND the fact that i never have any money to buy presents anymore. oh well, everyone knows i'm poor, and they still love me! they get my lovin' all year round - i mean, what else can you dare ask for??? &=D

ok, lemme go do this stat portable. i'm totally bored, so i need to find something to do. they're calling me "trouble-maker #2" now. we were talking about run-ins with surgeons, and now they think i'm a total badass, because i don't put up with any BS in surgery. you put me in charge of something, i'm gonna take care of it. and that's all i have to say about that.

kk, here me go! i hope this patient doesn't cough in my face. i've already been coughed on twice today. blech. &=P

*cough cough*

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