THERE'S A F&$^%^#('G REASON...


current mood: pissed off

those of you who CAN accomplish this - KUDOS TO YOU.

right now, i'd like to gouge my eyes out, and not JUST BECAUSE i've been bawling my face off for the past MF'N 4 HOURS and my head is F*$^^#*#%'G killing me, but because i think it would hurt a lot less than having to go through WEIRD SHIT like this.

you know, i've been through that time where you just jump into decisions and feelings all willy-nilly, so i guess i should just stfu. but right now, even though i'm dealing a lot with depression, i consider myself to be in a pretty decent place in my life.

and you know what? I DON'T NEED ANYBODY'S F(*&#$(@'G HELP. i'm doing damn fine on my own. i don't need your f*'g HELP, i don't need your f*'g PERMISSION, i don't need your f*'g MONEY, i don't need to be your f*'g RESPONSIBILITY.

my mom died 7 YEARS AGO. i've been "ON MY OWN" for 7 YEARS. i'm taking care of me. i have people who love me and see to me and will put me in a home for crazy folks when i'm no longer able to function.

and i'll be DAMNED if i'm gonna let some ASS march all over the progress i've made over the past few months, with his blame and pointing fingers and making me think that it's all MY fault! ohhhhhhh no, my friend. i may be a complete drama queen, and i acknowledge the fact that i'm crazy, but i wasn't born yesterday.

you know, i HAVE perfectly solid friendships, and some of them have been through hell and high waters, and they've definitely stood the test of time, but i've NEVER....



and it TOTALLY is NOT helping that i am PMS'ING like a woman with 14 ovaries, i shit you not.

this is fucking ridiculous - i'm going to bed. FUCK THIS!!!!!!!

*stomps off*

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