real TG mayhem


i thought i would use some l33tsp33k to express my pleasure in the last 1.5 hour. so, ER called, and i had a kid who jammed his finger playing basketball, and a lady who fell going up her stairs and managed to twist it underneath her body. the kid is fine, but i actually think the lady broke the metaphysis of her last toe = she brokeded the outside of her foot.

so, i got both my exams done and was walking back to "the hole," which is place where the front desk is, and when we work alone, we always sit up here to catch phone calls, put in orders & watch tv. as i came out of one of the rooms, the security guard walked out from around one of the corners, and i SWEAR i almost karate-chopped him to death. i jumped and said, "WAH! HA! HOLY CRAP!" and i think i scared him by my fierce kara-tay moves more than he ever thought about scaring me.

i'm totally fascinated by this cold case crap. that's probably what's got me so edgy. this is the kind of crap that makes me want to have cable. KA-bull. so, i'm sitting here, flipping between reading "questionable content" (my new fav serial webcomic) and watching "cold case". i couldn't be happier. ok, yes, i could, but beggars shan't be choosers.

rah, rah. i miss my girls. i almost brought jammy up and stuck her in here with me, but that would have been the one day joint commission stops by just for the hell of it.not only would chris kill me, but he would then fire my corpse. and that would suck.

i decided today, for some strange reason, that murderers, rapists, serial killers, child molesters, etc, all those people we keep spending all this money to keep in jail, put on parole, put back out on the streets to recommit crimes, unnecessarily rehabilitate, etc - i mean, SCREW animal testing. how many times have you ever heard a reformed serial killer went on to do great things? "john doe, a former rapist, got the strictest rape laws passed in the state." right. and i'm in a rock band. i just figure if you're retarded enough to DO something as trivial as that to a human life, you don't DESERVE to make decisions about your own life anymore. i'm not saying death penalty, dude. i'm just saying, animals aren't DOing anything wrong. it's people we're making meds for, it's people on whom we should be testing. that's why i always sign myself up for those vaccine studies at uab.

ahhhhh, if i were prez....

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