thanksgiving excitement

syke. there's nothing going on.

ok, so i'm here, at work. i'm watching cold case on a&e, and eating my t'giving dinner, which consists of dried peaches, walnuts (complete with new nutcracker), orange juice, sunflower seeds, popcorn, a warm delights hot fudge cake, and some heath bar ice cream, along with separate chocolate & caramel toppings.
i've only managed to crack into the walnuts & dried peaches, then spin around in the chair, before making myself sick.

i bet you'd never guess that there's nothing to do.

i can't even surf the net satisfyingly. i'm just flat-out bored. stella had a couple of patients, but i'm hoping she did everyone. because i don't really see my butt getting out of this chair. again. i had to take a dump earlier, but that's it. i'm not getting up again. until it's time for ice cream. well, it's ALWAYS time for ice cream.

*sigh* it's only 430p, and i bet my family's getting together, having fun, hugging, taking pictures, grazing (we graze when we eat), swapping the same stories we always end up telling every time we get together, and laughing. *sigh* i miss my family.

ok, i'm totally bored as all crap, so i'll probably just keep adding on to this post - there's not going to be anything exciting happening, unless a dragon lands on top of the hospital and sets fire to the building next door. THAT would be exciting. i might even get out of the chair to see that.

well, no - i'd probably just roll the chair out of the ER entrance to see if i could see it from there. but if i have to crane my neck too much, i guess i'd change my mind and scoot back inside.


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