seeds do too have fiber!

so, i coerced my boss into letting me off early today. that usually consists of repeating the carefully practiced phrase, "canigocanigocanigocanigocanigocanigocanigocanigo?" over and over again, until he eventually breaks down in tears. this leaves him with no choice, but to let me go. fortunately enough, this phrase can sometimes work in surgery, when i've been in cases for longer than 4 hours. thankfully, since i did almost ALL the patients we had today AND didn't take a lunch, my boss was kind enough to have mercy on my soul.

although, i really don't think he MEANT "happy thanksgiving" to come out the way it did, but nonetheless, i'm off early.

right now, i have to...go read a magazine, so i'll be right back. i've...been waiting for this issue to come out. &=) brb.


oh yeah, no pouty mcemopants today! i've actually had a decent day, believe it or not. i am in a decent mood - can you believe it? and, no, i haven't started any new meds. i went and stayed with a friend last night, just for the night, but still, it was nice to get out of the house and away from...certain obligations. no, no, my girls are fine. i think it's just ricky who's stressing me out - for no real reason. i guess i've just grown into being a hermit better than i thought i could.

i wanted to run by this little indian grocery shop i always go to, to buy pumpkin seeds. they have a huge bag of salted and roasted pumpkin seeds for like $3, and i can (and do) gorge on those until i make myself sick. it usually makes my poop speckled like a chicken egg. youuuu probably didn't want to know that. so. they also sell saris there, and i really want to get one, but i'm pretty sure they don't make them in "separate zip code" size. i mean, i've never seen an indian with a fat butt. do they want to be called "indians"? "east indians"? "hindus"? no, that's a religion. well, the ones who do all of our outsourced tech support. you know what i'm talking about.

but lately, i've come to appreciate a new foodstuff - sunflower seeds. bird food! i've never voluntarily put a sunflower seed in my mouth, but erica left them in my trunk from when i picked her up at soccer camp, so i pulled them out, and they sat in my cabinet for months. eventually, i ran COMPLETELY out of food, and resorted to eating spices and playing "open the can with no label and get a surprise!" but i ran across those seed things, and i was like, "oh gross, i guess i should throw them out,"... so i ate them instead! and omg, they were wonderful! the whole chore of dissolving off the salt before you crack open the seed to get the prize satiates this strange craving of working for my food.

anyway, i like sunflower seeds. i had a bag from when i went to the store the other day and was eating them in the car, on the way home from work just now. but i'm incredibly aware of people seeing me throw things out of my car window. i mean, i don't want to have a "vegan" sticker on my car, then act like i'm condoning littering. so, i had to make two tiny stacks of seed hulls (husks? covers? ends? butts?) on either of my legs. there were two piles, because the pile on my left leg got too big and kept falling into the seat. i dumped them into the parking lot when i got home, but i just can't throw them out the window, and people not know what i'm throwing out. i don't even throw gum out the window. and i totally HATE when people throw their cigarettes out - i mean, HELLO??!?! it's a piece of GARBAGE! bah.

"litter bugs me," as spongebob says.

i should use this time wisely, and do something wise and timely. but i'm pretty sure my bed is kinda mad at me, since i didn't sleep in it last night. and i can't stand it when i think inanimate objects are angry with me. makes for bad chi.
i'll probably post again later. i have to work tomorrow afternoon, so i'm not going to be going anywhere far. hopefully, i can come up with some witty banter...forrrr myself. because i'll be by myself. all...freaking...day. and unless someone has a careless and disgusting turkey-carving accident, i'm probably going to be without stuff to do. not that that's bad. but it's just boring. although i could give them the whole "you know, tofu doesn't require a carving knife...." speech. but i won't. i'll just don the gloves and say, "ew, is that part you or cranberry sauce?"

keep in mind, while you're ripping the meat from your turkey leg, for all you have to be thankful. and don't ever pass up an opportunity to tell your friends & family you love them! i love you all, and have a wonderful thanksgiving!!! &=)

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Tabatha said...

just posting to say i hope you have a happy thanksgiving! and i am still reading. :) love ya!
ps- we will be in hville dec 2-16 don't forget!