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brrrr.....it's gettin' cold here. me and heather talked about getting new jackets the other day. since my finances are getting a little better, i'll be able to afford something soon. basically, all i've been doing lately is taping together a bunch of old newspapers and tying it together with dental floss. then, people are like, "why don't you have a coat?," and i say, "what? but this is my GOOD coat!...hey, stop reading my jacket!"

anyway, i just thought i'd post...again. since nothing has changed. and i was supposed to get a money order this afternoon to pay the water bill, but i was too "depressed" (lazy) to go anywhere after i got home. speaking of which, i actually got to work over some today, which was actually ok. ricky ended up having to take the bus home, but he's getting a car soon, anyway, so...but sheryl came tearing down there, once she realized i was going to be getting some phat OT this week. she can't STAND for anyone to get more money than her - what a freak.

anyway, i'm gonna go get pissed at ricky for playing the stereo too loud, then i'm going to lay down and watch spongebob until i pass out. i actually managed to stay awake ALL day today. which would explain why i feel like punching someone in the face.

i don't need no stinking $150 meds! &=P

love to ya'lls. i'll be spending t'giving at the hopsical this year, so prepare yourself for the super-boringest post ever. might not want to read on a full tum-tum of turducken & tryptophan. i don't know what the HELLznick i was thinking, signing up for all this crap. i'm working thursday night, friday night AND saturday night. god, i'm completely out of my mind. i think i'm going to make my mom's punkin pie and bring that and a giant tub of whipped cream up to work and eat until i barf. actually, heather said she's bringing me dinner, because she's mad they made me work on my favorite holiday.

me too, but that's another story...

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