amigurumi...and more!

ok, so here's my new obsession, and if i was NOT on this crappy work computer, i'd post some pictures. *AMIGURUMI* it's the japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals. i mean, i couldn't knit a potholder if i had a gun to my head, but then again, i've never tried.

** http://www.nutandbee.com **

this chick, annette, has THE cutest things. there are links to her amigurumi buried in her site, but nut and bee is mostly dedicated to the stuff she draws. anyway, that's where i discovered it.

that's probably something you DON'T know about me, is i ADORE tiny things. anything tiny and vulnerable just breaks my heart into a million and one pieces. i don't know why. tiny animals, tiny babies, tiny toys - tiny THINGS are just TINY! &=)

here's a good site to look at the stuff she's knitted, if you like:

** http://www.flickr.com/photos/annettle/sets/1038936 **

and i'm going to knit a tiny animal army and OVERTHROW THE DARFURIAN GOVERNMENT AND FEED THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

and just in case you didn't know that, that's my OTHER weakness, is helping people (in case you don't remember that time i took in those homeless "reforming" crackheads, and i couldn't get rid of them, but that caused me to learn something about myself - i can't work with drug addicts). i want to join the peace corps and go somewhere and help where i'm needed so badly, i can hardly sit in my seat. my bug is pretty bad right now, and i need to stop kicking around and just finish my freaking application. i wasn't meant to live here forever. as much as i adore my family (and when i say adore, i mean unhealthily obsess), i can't stay here.

i have no idea what any of these things has to do with the other. i'm just a little EDGY today. i worked last night, so i'm going on about 4 hours sleep. *blah*

oh, and just for posterity, i got a rainbow in the sky on my animal crossing ds game yesterday. i almost couldn't contain my excitement when i saw it, but i was down in surgery and i had to be quiet, because no one understands me anyway.

i'm like a little german performing monkey with a tiny hat and an accordian to these people.

i love being a gamer. i love being into sci-fi. i love computers. i love being a closet nerd. i love the times when i feel smart. i love being able to figure things out. i love being the only one who knows how to do stuff at work. i love the fact that i've read atlas shrugged. i love the fact that i can read, period. i love it that i anthropomorphize everything. i love my best friend. i love my family. i love my pets (my girls!) i love my friends. i love my allie cat. i love babies. i love animals. i love trees. i love nature. i love daffodils and dandelions. i love flowers. i love hair falls. i love that i cry at movies. i love feeling better. i even love it that my heart breaks at the tiniest, most benign things.

# these are just some of the things that i love #

i love being a freak.

today, i love being me.

tomorrow, we'll see. &=D

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