vacation to _______?

ok. so, here it is. i need some help on figuring out where heather and i get to go on vacation. we've been planning this for about, oh, um, 6 years or something. anyway, she finally broke the other day. she sent me this email, in which i could tell she was feverishly typing.

and i quote:
"Ok.This is what I want to do. YOU have to pick somewhere in Continental US and I will pick the days. We are going to fly there and be us. So think of somewhere we would flippin' LOVE to be or somewhere that would mean something to us. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO!...My face is all flushed just typing this out. It could be that I have a day off, but I think it's just wild abandon excitement!!"

so, my new site of the moment is vacationidea.com. i've been perusing the site, looking for fun and exciting things on there. i actually started with a map. just a plain map. of course, it was like, "hey! there's no pictures on this thing!" so, the map was short-lived. although my random closed-eyed flipping did land us in south dakota for our vacation, and LORD ONLY KNOWS where that is. it's obviously south of the north one, and not in alabama. after i established those two facts, i got scared that we'd end up where all those polygamists live, and we'd somehow end up as brides. not only is heather already happily married, but i'm not seeing marriage in my near future...especially not with a bunch of other chicks.

anyway, so i'm thinking. well, i'm always thinking. but i'm super-thinking about this. i've got a lot coming up this year, and i'm really excited! next weekend, i get to chaperone shelby's jr. beta club convention. we're going to huntsville, which isn't a big deal, but this will be the first time i've ever chaperoned anyone over 4, and somewhere other than the zoo. so, i have to act like an adult and stuff. riiiiight. we'll see.

WOOHOO! i'm an adult! and i get to turn 30 this year! this year is going to be awesome! i can feel it in my bones - that's prolly what all that aching has been. i'm just growing into an adult. &=)

ok, ok, i gotta go do some work or something. hell, i don't know WHAT they're calling me for. i've been working for some OT lately, so it's actually been pretty good. i got to work at trinity last week, then i worked at highlands on saturday, and i stayed late last night. it's been kinda nice working over. i still think i'm going to apply at the bookstore, just because i think that would be the funnest job ever.

ok, now they're screaming at me.

*screams back*

ok. more later.

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Heather J. said...

Ha! Growing pains. I've never thought of that. That must be what all of our aching is. I think my aches are from ass stretching to be even larger. owwie. You cleva gull! My heart still pounds with possiblites and destinations. Polygamists?!? Hey, maybe you should be married w/ alot of other chicks. Kind of takes the pressure off of being "the one." You know...you get to take Wednesdays and Fridays off from being a wife. Let me look into it. :-)
Love you!