my coworker, and i can safely say my friend, ella perry is in the hospital, in critical condition today. she had some problems the yesterday, while she was home, but she was able to call the paramedics. they rushed her to the hospital, and she went directly into surgery, where she stayed for almost 6 hours. she's in the ICU now, but she's not doing well.

some of my other friends from the OR and i are going to go by and, at the very least, visit with her family today. i know they already know, but i just want to express to them what a special person ella is to me. she's such a good person, and i'm still praying that it's in God's plan for her to stay here, but if not, then that's the way it has to be.

whether or not you're religious, please keep my friend in your thoughts. she's at a very critical point in her life, and i'm hoping that she's able to remain here with us. she's a good, kind, sweet, caring, God-loving woman, who's only concern has always been about others. she's always noticed when i've been down and has never denied me a hug, when she saw i needed it. although i've only known her for the 2 years that i've worked here, she's still a very special person to me.

now they're saying ella's brother, andrew, has possibly had a heart attack. he and ella are so close and love each other SO MUCH! they've rushed him to the emergency room.

please let them be ok....

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